Ebola Prevention Note #3 Can It Go Airborne?

Ebola Prevention Note #3


To catch Ebola the present thinking is, you must come into contact with bodily fluids of someone who has been infected, and those fluid droplets must enter an open cut or mucus membrane such as of the eyes, nose, mouth or a  pelvic orifice. However, Canadian experimentation refutes this. Apparently animals exchanged the disease while 3-feet apart in separate cages. So also did this happen a few years ago amongst green monkeys at the Center for Disease Control. Ebola can be airborne. The best protection is a strong immune system as thoroughly explained in my materials here:  http://survivingebolacrisis.wordpress.com/ 



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Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport, Iowa, March 1977. Also completed Massage School locally. Combined numerous techniques and developed an advanced method/technique for Natural Spine Care Therapy that is gentle, more effective, and does not require manipulation movements. More: www.bodyworker-newsletter.com
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