Obama-Care Forces Insurance Premiums To Rise, Forcing More Patients With CASH Into Your Studio

Health Insurance Premiums Rise Influenced By ObamaCare

July 9, 2014 

Hello Massage Therapist Friend, 

As predicted, the cost of insurance premiums (the monthly bill) for health insurance across the US is rising. This is partly due to Obama care and also related to other economic trends. 

Potential patients will be forced to change policies that will not cover Chiropractic and/or Massage, or they’ll be forced to go without health insurance entirely. 

The bottom line for us is, these people will look for back pain care somewhere and be willing to pay cash “out of pocket.” 

They will come to you IF 

If they perceive by your advertising fliers, cards, web pages and signs that you are a Massage Therapist with a specialty in Back-Pain Care. I am the only one I know teaching these skills. I’ve been combining massage with chiropractic in my own practice (starting in the college) since 1975. You should have the skills I want to share!

 Please tell your friends, because a mass of us specialized in this work creates a better public perception and market for your services. Visit my pages:  www.Bodyworker-Newsletter.com 

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Best regards,

Dr. Stephen Newdell

supporting article below:

Weiss Ratings
Insurance Premiums Surging 
as Obamacare Kicks In!
by Mike Larson
Dow -117.59 to 16,906.62
S&P 500 -13.94 to 1,963.71
Nasdaq -60.07 to 4,391.46
10-YR Yield -0.052 to 2.565%
Gold +$3.70 to $1,320.70
Crude Oil +$0.01 to $103.54

We all know the cost of health care and health insurance is surging. But just how much are those costs rising? That’s where a brand new study from Weiss Ratings comes in.

We reviewed data from 784 health-care insurers around the nation. The sample included both private insurance firms and those with publicly traded parent companies, companies that took in a total of $450 billion in premium income last year.

Here’s what we found happened in the first quarter of this year, a period where Obamacare shifted into high gear:

 Overall premiums rose a hefty 5.9 percent, or $12.44 per month, to $224.28. That followed a 2.7 percent increase in 2013.

 Private insurers who don’t have shareholders to answer to raised prices by 2.7 percent. But public companies jacked up their premiums by much more: 13.4 percent. The cost of insurance from those firms has now breached the $300-per-month mark!

 Insurers are generally required to spend 80-85 percent of customer premiums on medical expenses, with few exceptions. Thanks to health-care inflation, those claim costs are rising steadily — by 3.99 percent in the first quarter and 3.34 percent in 2013. At public insurers, costs escalated even more — a whopping 11.1 percent.

These rising costs almost certainly reflect some impact from Obamacare, and I doubt we’ll see any change in trend. The Wall Street Journal recently evaluated the early filings that are starting to trickle in from insurers for 2015. The news isn’t good for health care consumers.

Many insurers are asking for another round of large premium hikes. In nine out of ten states, the largest insurers are looking to raise rates by anywhere from 8.5 to 22.8 percent.

Many insurers are asking for another round of large premium hikes.

One analyst cited in the report, Richard Evans of SSR Health LLC, expects another 5.4 percent in medical costs this year. That means insurers are likely to have little trouble justifying hefty premium hikes to regulators and insurance commissioners — ensuring that the lion’s share of those hikes will stick.

We’ll have to see how the Federal Reserve reacts to ongoing inflation in health care. And we’ll have to see how employers behave in response.

Does this news push the Fed to hike rates sooner than it otherwise might?

“Do more employers drop coverage altogether or cut worker hours to offset their own surging health care expenses?”

Do consumers demand higher wages to compensate for their increasing costs?

Do more employers drop coverage altogether or cut worker hours to offset their own surging health care expenses?

Let me know what you think in the comment section. I’m also eager to hear of your own personal experiences — are you facing rising health care costs? Have you essentially been priced out of the market for health insurance? Are there any money-saving recommendations you can make that might help your fellow investors fatten their bottom lines? Here’s where to share them.



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Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport, Iowa, March 1977. Also completed Massage School locally. Combined numerous techniques and developed an advanced method/technique for Natural Spine Care Therapy that is gentle, more effective, and does not require manipulation movements. More: www.bodyworker-newsletter.com
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