Angels Unaware and Good Shabbus

Here on my side of the great waters it’s past sunset Friday evening. I want to wish all of my friends who click the “LIKE” button another good weekend and thanks so much for letting me know you read my posts. I appreciate all of you far more than you realize.

Occasionally I get an inspiration. People here see me and they know I’m “a foreigner” and whatever I might have or however poor I might think I am, I know they’re looking at me thinking, “He paid for a plane ticket and came here. I will never do that in all of my life.” So, they feel no shame when they hold out a grimy child’s hand or an old lady’s styrofoam cup and motion with a hand that they’re hungry and beg for a few pesos. And I give. And sometimes I buy them food at the bakery. The baker doesn’t like this. She wants to get rid of those beggars, but their opportunities and their minds are such a mess, they can’t imagine actually creating work for themselves as some others do.

Here, if they can’t find employment some people put a basket on their head and carry it around offering to sell fruit or boiled corn or anything they can find. And there’s a lot of unemployment. And there are too many young men who enjoyed 20-minutes with a young woman once and left after she said, “Honey, I’m pregnant.” So she get’s 20 to 40 years of poverty and misery, because after the first 20-years she has given all she had to the child and she still has no career and no retirement fund. (There’s love for you!)

So, I’ve got this story for you, and I want to remind you to thank The Creator of the Universe for what we have (including your home and the computer you’re looking at and the electricity to run it)  and be reminded HE is not a myth. Anyone who won’t take his existence and gifts seriously is going to find out soon how real He is. It’s a terrible thing to fall into the angry hands of a living God.

This blog is here to warn about the future and the future is rushing down upon us like a runaway freight train. So thank God, (who is not a myth!) and remember all this next 24-hours who created it all and who can rescue you from the terror coming.


MARCH 30, 2014
I was walking down the streets of a nameless city and it was nighttime and it was raining a slow misty rain…I was looking for something I think but I was not sure what is was…so I came to this place where the homeless people were and I saw this old man sitting there, he must have been 85 or so, clothing was all tattered and torn – so I sat down next to him and asked him what his name was and he said it was Joe.

So I started to talk to him about what his life had been like and what he had done for a living and he said “I was a banker in a small rural town somewhere…” his voice trailed off to nothingness. He sighed a bit, shifted his feet, and he said “I was later a dancer, sort of like Bo Jangles was, had to make a living, always loved to dance, after I got done banking for the farmers…”

“So how did you like banking?” I asked him.

“OK, I guess”, he mumbled – scratched his whiskers. “Till I saw what was happening, getting all the farmers so deeply in debt, and then I saw stuff coming across my desk saying that when they would pull the plug they knew everyone would go broke, and then they could buy them up and consolidate them all and steal it all and make large corporate farms and control all the food – worked too….”

I thought this guy is smart, knows what is happening, so why is he here on the street…

“So why are you on the street?”

“Bad times, is all…. He fell silent, “bad times…”

“Can I buy you dinner?” I asked him. “Let me buy you dinner…”

So I got up and grabbed his hands and he slowly rose to his feet – old, old man he was, barely able to walk but we made it to a diner and we talked about life and why things can and do go wrong for lots of folks, and how it does not matter your education or standing you can end up like he was…

So when we were walking back to where he was on the street, talking, I saw out of the corner of my eye a light flash, I turned to look over at him but he was not there. In fact he was not anywhere, just vanished into thin air…I wondered who he was…maybe an angel unaware…
Do you suppose? Is there a lesson anywhere in this?



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