Decent Afro-Americans Don’t Like This!


Someone high in our government wants a civil war, an excuse to round up and imprison tens of thousands of people in detention camps, and keep them there, outdoors, in terrible conditions, until they get sick and die. And who will spread the virus? The same people who ordered them rounded up. Actually we already have the virus. It’s not a virus, it’s a nanobot. A robot the size of a few molecules, activated by a cell phone signal coming from a local cell phone tower. 

This is what the crazy conspiracy theorists have been warning about. Now, they don’t look crazy. They look like visionaries.

Can Mr. Obama do this? Yes. He has the executive orders allowing him to do this. We allowed him to do it. We ignored him while he did it. We told ourselves it was for our best safety and security to permit him to do it. Now he can become our first Dictator in Chief. 

Could this be why smart and wealthy people have been leaving America for the past 10-years by the thousands each year?



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Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport, Iowa, March 1977. Also completed Massage School locally. Combined numerous techniques and developed an advanced method/technique for Natural Spine Care Therapy that is gentle, more effective, and does not require manipulation movements. More:
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